Monday, March 23, 2009

Pray for baby Stellan

As many of ya'll know I follow the blog Well, baby Stellan the one that was healed by God before birth with the same thing, and he is really sick and in the hospital with a super high heartrate. It has been in the 200-260..not good. Please have Stellan and his Mama, Daddy, and 3 siblings in your prayers. There is great power in prayer! God Bless. Love, Erin


JD said...

I've been on my knees for the McKinney family all day, Heaven's gates are being stormed with our prayers for sweet Stellan. God is the same yesterday as He will be tomorrow, we need to keep our eyes onto the Lord in these uncertain times.

Tanya said...

We are praying for little Stellan as well. I haven't been able to do a lot of blogging lately, so tonight is the first I hear of Stellan's troubles and I am so sad for him and his family. I've been praying for healing.
I was also tagged during the weekend and I tagged you tonight, so if you feel like playing, stop by my blog.