Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jack's Take on Heaven

While riding to MOPS yesterday, Jack was talking about praying, angels, and Russell. Since Russell died Jack has been talking about heaven alot.. It is so amazing how a 4 year old can comprehend so much in his little mind. He was talking about Russell's music and how he wanted to know what his song would be when he went to heaven to be with Jesus. Russell was a incredible musician and he played the fiddle, violin, and wrote music! We have been jammin out on a regular basis to his awesome music. It has brought me a lot of comfort to hear his songs.

So, Jack was asking what his song would be when he went to Heaven. I asked him what he wanted it to be and he said, "We Will" and right away I knew he meant the Queen song "We Will Rock You". I don't think that is the title but ya'll get the point. I just thought it was so precious that he is asking about "his song" when he goes to be with Jesus.. If I can learn anything from the past 2 months since Russell died it's that life is to precious and you need to live your life for today, since tomorrow is not guaranteed. We have to to spread the Good News to everyone, especially our children. They are the hope of the future! God Bless.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Yes, ya'll it is already Monday head on over to MckMama's at and see hundreds of others confessing to things they did not do this past week. I look forward to admitting things in my life that may make someone cringe! Here's to hopefully making someone smile....

I did not LOVE it when Luke burped "I love you, Mama" as he was walking through den this week..that would be so disgusting and I would never encourage such a thing. Nope, Not Me!

We did not eat road-kill this weekend with neighbors..Mark killed it, Blake skinned it, and Ben cooked it...and we ALL ate it, and it was not delicious! We are not that redneck, nope not us!

I did not let Jack stay up way too late this weekend causing him to fall asleep sitting up..that would just be neglectful parenting and I am not like that!

I did not make mental notes this week regarding my NOT ME MONDAY post.. I'm not that obsessed with my new blog, besides who has time for that anyways! Nope, Not Me!

Don't be scared to join in the fun, come on you know you want to!
*disclaimer~ the roadkill I was talking about was deer~ not skunk, opossums, or dog!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Andrew a.k.a. Michael Jordan

Andrew has become quite the basketball super-star! He rocked both of his games this morning, making 6 baskets the first game, and in the second one he did even better! In the last two minutes of the game, they were leading by one point and Michael Jordan sank 2 baskets in a matter of minutes! The Rockets won 18-15, and it was the most exciting game so far this season.

I forgot how competitive I was until my boys started playing sports. Andrew has gotten quite aggressive on the court, and we are lovin' it! Can't wait until he is about 15, when he will really give em' a run for their money! Love my basketball player!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Bowen nursing for the first time.... precious

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Cousins

Notice the amount of boys.... 8 on my side and 7 boys and 3 girls on Ben's side! We are so blessed.
Isaac, Luke, and Jaden

Kirsten, Lilli, Jack, and Luke

Luke, Mason, Harrison, Jack, and Bowen

Mason and Andrew

Harrison, Jack, and Luke



I forgot to label pics of the kids with their cousins. Jaden, Kirsten, Nicolas, and Adison.. And I can't leave out my nephews... Mason, Harrison, Alexander, and Sawyer. And Isaac and Lilli, too!

Gotta Love Cousins

Yesturday the kids were out of school for Pres. Day. So, Alison and the kids came over to play! The boys ran around with nerf guns and light sabers all day, and enjoyed the playground! Alison, Adison, Bowen, Kirsten, and I hung out inside mostly, but we also spent time outside with the little ones so they could enjoy their cousins, too! It is so awesome to have family to hang out with and experience life together. I love having my siblings and Ben's siblings close by so we can raise our kids together.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Well ya'll it another round of Not Me's ! So pull up a chair and head on over to MckMama's blog at and check out her hilarious carnival of not me's. So without further ado here's what I most certainly did not do this week....

I did not think my husband was the greatest husband ever after he told me he wanted to pay off the rest of my cruise, (which by the way is $210.00), and all I have to do is come up with my spending money for Valentine's Day! Nope, Not Me!

I was not google eyed watching my husband with his 3 brothers at his birthday talking in the kitchen, day dreaming about my 4 boys as adults hanging out together, Nope, Not Me!

I did not say that our Valentine dinner that included Rib-eye steaks, aspargus with shallots, roasted potatoes, cesear salad, and New Castle Beer was comparable to good sex cause I don't love food that much, which also included no children! Nope, Not Me!

After my pedicure this weekend when I told my husband the red polish that I chose was called High Maintaince, He Did Not tell me that it matched me to a "T". Nope, Not Me (him)!

So have a great week doing things that you would never do! I know I will.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jack and his new buddy Riley

We met some new friends at MOPS about a month and a half ago, and Jack and Riley hit it off instantly. I love how children are so accepting of each other. They act like they have known each other since birth! This morning Jennifer (my friend) and Riley came over to play and we had a blast! They (the boys) played one-on-one basketball yelling "pass it" the whole time, Bakuagans, motorcycles, outside on the playground, and dress-up. They are like two Spideys in a Web! It's so nice having friends that have a lot of boys like me. Jennifer has 3 boys, and with my 4 it will be a full house. We haven't gotten all of them together yet.... we are planning an all boys day soon.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to "her/'>">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So for me this week I most certainly did not run out of milk for Bowen and procceded to give him creamer in his bottle..Nope, not me!

I didn't stay up way to late Fri. night or should I say Sat. morning to then miss my son's basketball game since I was so responsible and cleaned my house before we had my husband's 3 brothers over to celebrate his birthday..Nope, not me.

I didn't pawn my youngest off on his 3 big brothers so I could rest and recooperiate after a long night!

Hope everyone has as much fun as I do reading other people's Not Me's!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Andrew and Cheese

As many already know Andrew does not eat cheese! He will eat it on pizza, stuffed shells, tacos... not on much else. So last night we went to a new Mexican restaurant and as always her ordered a burrito and rice. Well when our food came Ben and I noticed right away that Andrew's burrito had melted queso cheese ALL over it. So we didn't say a word and he ate the entire thing no questions asked! What a miracle... Then when we were done I tried to pay him money to try the cheese dip and he wouldn't do it. Then Ben told him it was the same cheese he had just eaten on his food and he said it was mostly on the side but we know how the cheese looks over a burrito don't we! Just a funny story about my boy Andrew.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Here's to another week of confessioning what I DID NOT DO! Head on over to Mckmama's blog at to see her and many others admit to things none of us raising a broad of children would ever do. It had been quite thearaputic for me. Have a great time reading my Not Me's!

I most certainly DID NOT hardly bathe my four dirty boys for three straight days, baths are overrated !

I DID NOT feed Bowen almost 24 mozzerella cheese sticks in one week, that would be lazy parenting and I am NOT a lazy Mama! Nope, Not Me!

I was most certainly NOT totally excited to hear that my wonderful Handsome Sweets was not working out of town for the 5th week in a row, Nope, Not Me!

I did NOT let my clean laundry sit around for days while I was busy reading blogs and praying for sick babies! Nope, Not Me!

Can't wait until next week!

love~ ERIN