Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Yes, ya'll it is already Monday head on over to MckMama's at and see hundreds of others confessing to things they did not do this past week. I look forward to admitting things in my life that may make someone cringe! Here's to hopefully making someone smile....

I did not LOVE it when Luke burped "I love you, Mama" as he was walking through den this week..that would be so disgusting and I would never encourage such a thing. Nope, Not Me!

We did not eat road-kill this weekend with neighbors..Mark killed it, Blake skinned it, and Ben cooked it...and we ALL ate it, and it was not delicious! We are not that redneck, nope not us!

I did not let Jack stay up way too late this weekend causing him to fall asleep sitting up..that would just be neglectful parenting and I am not like that!

I did not make mental notes this week regarding my NOT ME MONDAY post.. I'm not that obsessed with my new blog, besides who has time for that anyways! Nope, Not Me!

Don't be scared to join in the fun, come on you know you want to!
*disclaimer~ the roadkill I was talking about was deer~ not skunk, opossums, or dog!


Tanya said...

Your road kill looks great, I'd love to not have some!

Goldylocks said...

Mental notes...I need to start doing that. I never remember stuff I didn't do the week before!

The road kill looks Y-U-M-M-Y!

Anonymous said...

How could I resist!? You asked me so nicely:)

So, is hearing my sons burp "I love you" to me in my future? I can very well imagine...


Thanks for ALL the comments you always bless me with on my blog, Erin. Stopping by here was the very least I could do!!



4under3 said...

I agree! I'd never think it was downright adorable hearing my son burp words of endearment to me either.

(So cute!)


p.s. I think a coffee sleeve tutorial would be great...if only I could get the pattern scanned into my computer. I'll let you know. Thanks for saying "hey!"

JD said...

That's the yummiest lookin' roadkill ever, LOL!

Hmmm, my boys are 10 & 12, I haven't heard them burp any messages to me yet, but it would somehow NOT surprise me!

Your kids are absolutely adorable :o)