Saturday, February 21, 2009

Andrew a.k.a. Michael Jordan

Andrew has become quite the basketball super-star! He rocked both of his games this morning, making 6 baskets the first game, and in the second one he did even better! In the last two minutes of the game, they were leading by one point and Michael Jordan sank 2 baskets in a matter of minutes! The Rockets won 18-15, and it was the most exciting game so far this season.

I forgot how competitive I was until my boys started playing sports. Andrew has gotten quite aggressive on the court, and we are lovin' it! Can't wait until he is about 15, when he will really give em' a run for their money! Love my basketball player!


ashpuck said...

Awesome job Andrew! Let us know when your next game is and we'll come watch.

Liz said...

I know the boys games bring out my competitve streak....Thanks for the congrats about the pregnancy...and for refraining from asking if we were trying for a girl!