Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Andrew and Cheese

As many already know Andrew does not eat cheese! He will eat it on pizza, stuffed shells, tacos... not on much else. So last night we went to a new Mexican restaurant and as always her ordered a burrito and rice. Well when our food came Ben and I noticed right away that Andrew's burrito had melted queso cheese ALL over it. So we didn't say a word and he ate the entire thing no questions asked! What a miracle... Then when we were done I tried to pay him money to try the cheese dip and he wouldn't do it. Then Ben told him it was the same cheese he had just eaten on his food and he said it was mostly on the side but we know how the cheese looks over a burrito don't we! Just a funny story about my boy Andrew.


carmen said...

that is hysterical!! oh andrew...just trying to have some control over his life right now.

Liz said...

cute story! It's funny what they can be tricked into eating! Thanks for stopping by my blog...it is so fun to read about other moms with 4 boys!