Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jack and his new buddy Riley

We met some new friends at MOPS about a month and a half ago, and Jack and Riley hit it off instantly. I love how children are so accepting of each other. They act like they have known each other since birth! This morning Jennifer (my friend) and Riley came over to play and we had a blast! They (the boys) played one-on-one basketball yelling "pass it" the whole time, Bakuagans, motorcycles, outside on the playground, and dress-up. They are like two Spideys in a Web! It's so nice having friends that have a lot of boys like me. Jennifer has 3 boys, and with my 4 it will be a full house. We haven't gotten all of them together yet.... we are planning an all boys day soon.


carmen said...

i am glad to see him in a new spidey costume! that is awesome that you have so many friends.

caren thornton said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten....he looks just like Luke did at that age! We really need to get together soon.