Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Well ya'll it another round of Not Me's ! So pull up a chair and head on over to MckMama's blog at and check out her hilarious carnival of not me's. So without further ado here's what I most certainly did not do this week....

I did not think my husband was the greatest husband ever after he told me he wanted to pay off the rest of my cruise, (which by the way is $210.00), and all I have to do is come up with my spending money for Valentine's Day! Nope, Not Me!

I was not google eyed watching my husband with his 3 brothers at his birthday talking in the kitchen, day dreaming about my 4 boys as adults hanging out together, Nope, Not Me!

I did not say that our Valentine dinner that included Rib-eye steaks, aspargus with shallots, roasted potatoes, cesear salad, and New Castle Beer was comparable to good sex cause I don't love food that much, which also included no children! Nope, Not Me!

After my pedicure this weekend when I told my husband the red polish that I chose was called High Maintaince, He Did Not tell me that it matched me to a "T". Nope, Not Me (him)!

So have a great week doing things that you would never do! I know I will.