Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Wall Won the Fight!

Updated pictures of Bowen's nose....poor baby!


Bowen was in the playroom today playing with Luke and Jack while Ben strung his tennis racquet and he was jumping on a couch cushion that was on the floor....he sat down and fell into the wall and looks like he might have broke his nose. :( He busted his lip, skined his nose and brused his forehead too....poor baby boy, he is always hurting himself. He is one tough boy. After that happened we went to the Great Moms walk and he bounced in the moonwalk as if nothing ever happened...then we went to Ben's tennis match and he swung on the swing and played on the playground. That's my boy!


ashpuck said...

His poor baby nose! Kiss it for me.

carmen said... looks quite painful. poor guy

Sarah Kingree said...

your blog is too cute just like the kiddos!!! Check mine out too!!!