Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jack's Ice Cream party and Graduation

This week was Jack's last day of school. We enjoyed icecream and awards given out to the kids from Mrs. Mechelle and Mrs.Linda. We had a great time visiting the class. Then on Thursday night Jack graduated from 3yr. old pre-school. They sang songs and then we enjoyed refreshments in the Fellowship Hall with all the kids and parents! The boys had a fun time running around with Trae~Trae and other kids from school. Jack had a great school year and I am sad he won't be back there next year. He will be in Pre~K at the Early Learning Center {ELC}, the same school Luke attended for Pre~K! We are so proud of our boy. Love you buddy!

Jack & Mrs. Linda Jack & Mrs. Mechelle

Jack and Trae~Trae BFF

Jack's class singing

Jack waiting to sing


Mrs.Mechelle reading to the class

Jack with his diploma

Jack and Caden

Bowen rocking a baby~ooohhhh wweeeee!

Jack's class


mummyof5monsters said...

haha love the 1st photo! cheeky:)

Jen Daniel said...

I love the video! So cute!