Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday



Ben taking a break from building the shed

Boys wrestling

So, I am not soooo ready to go on my cruise that I do not talk about it morning, noon, and night! My husband is not so ready for me to go so I will stop talking about it! Nope, Not Me!

I was not bathing Jack and Bowen and did not have to tell Bowen to not grab his brother's penis....I do not have a house full of boys..Nope, Not Me!

I was not totally stoked when I won a contest on Hilary's Blog...A Name That Photo Contest with MckMama and Hilary as babes!! I was not more than honored that her non-fabulous husband picked my caption~ I believe I can fly, but not if Jennifer has anything to do with it!! And to top it off, I am most not certainly even more excited that Hilary and I are FaceBook friends as well!! Nope, Not Me!

I do not have so many kids that I constantly am calling them the wrong names...and I am for sure not just like my own Mama! Nope, Not Me!

Whew, I feel better will too! Just head on over to Mckmama's and join in the fessing up fun!


Hilary said...

I'm sooo NOT jealous that you are going on a cruise!
And NO, I am NOT happy to be your FB friend either!

Lori said...

As a mom to all boys, this cracked me up and unfortunately I can totally relate. =))