Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Easton, Jack, Willow, Kyle's back,and Owen window shopping at Monkey Joe's!

Jack and Easton~future mates

Me, Carrie, and Heather at Mom's Night Out!

Luke~my All-Star

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So...this week I was not totally thrilled to hear that my Luke made All~Stars! I am not a very proud Mama...Nope, Not Me!

I am not the luckiest girl in the world..I do not have the best husband who did laundry all day on Mother's Day, and I do not have the sweetest boys ever who washed their Mama's van and helped around the house! Nope, Not Me!

I am not thankful that in less than 4 weeks I will be on a cruise ship with my sister and a bunch of other girls having the time of my life..Nope, Not Me!

We are not gonna totally miss Heather, Easton, and Owen when they move to Chicago in just a short few weeks,..Nope, Not Us!

I was not mad at myself after I hurt my elbow while mowing the grass..all because my butt was so sweaty that it slipped right off the seat...danger anyone?! Nope, Not Me!


Trisha said...

Sounds like you have it pretty good around here! :)

Thanks for stopping in at The Monty Crew to say hi!

I love Not Me Mondays...helps me feel normal in this insanity! LOL

Come back again!

harmonysong said...

Well the mowing picture I now have in my mind is pretty funny! :)

Enjoy your cruise!