Saturday, May 23, 2009

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

We just finished another great season of T-ball. We came in second place and we couldn't be prouder! It was so nice to have Luke and Jack on the same team this season. It was so great to see them play baseball together...memories to last a lifetime! Jack had a great first year of t-ball..he improved every game. He made some great throws from the outfield and hit a lot of the balls off the pitch instead of the tee. For those of ya'll that don't know Jack has always had some kind of ball in his hands since he could hold something! Every morning and every night this season he would ask if we had a game that day or the next. I always thought he would love playing ball but I never thought he would be obsessed at the tender age of 4!! He was the youngest on the team and boy did he hold his own. He did so well out there with the bigger kids. He seems to be a natural! Can't wait to see what next season holds for our ball player since birth... Luke wrapped up his 6th season of T-ball in 3 years..not including 2 seasons of All~Stars. He is quite the little ball player. He dosen't love it as much as Jack does but he fo' sho' can hit and throw that ball like nobody's business!! Luke has an athletic ability like I birth just comes so natural. It's like he was born to play ball. I am so proud of my boys and can't wait to sit in the stands and cheer them on for many more seasons!

The 2009 ADY T~Ball All~Star Team..{my baby is third from left in the back row}

Jack is tuckered out after 3 straight days of baseball
Jack swingin'

Sammy&Luke~ {baseball twins} as Sammy calls them..they both hit out of the park homeruns.... both made All~Stars...oh yeah and they both look smashing in a baseball uniform!!

Jack, Sammy, and Luke

My favorite baseball players....could they be any cuter in this picture?!

Jack, Sammy, Luke, Jacob and Daniel posing silly for Coach Ben

Indians enjoying snacks....Bowen chugging a Little Hug...remember those barrell drinks?!
Jack ready to bat


Erin said...

sorry about the bad word...It slipped out...sorry;)

Sarah Kingree said...

Congrats to your team, love the pics! Your boys are adorable, love to read your blog!

carmen said...

so freaking cute!! my dad said that luke looks like a bad news bear. teehee...yum