Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Won A Contest!

Yes, Folks it's true...I entered a name that photo contest on Hilary's blog over at and her huband Rich picked my caption..I believe I can fly, but not if Jennifer has anything to do with it! Go check our her's precious. She is actually MckMama's know I love me some MckMama!! They both seem like the neatest girls....I feel like I know them because they share from their hearts, and that is so sweet. I am just thrilled that I won and it inspired me to have a contest on my be looking for it!
Much Love Ya'll


Hilary said...

Congrats again! Oh, and your prize for winning has been purchased! I'll be mailing it out soon.
You know what? I too won my very first contest just a couple days ago over at
So I know how you feel! :)
Hey, maybe I'll win YOUR contest...hehe
Thanks for your sweet, sweet comment about me and my sister! You are too kind.
Have a great night!

carmen said...

too fun!