Sunday, January 31, 2010

Should Have Named Him George or Dennis!

the only time I don't have to worry what he is getting into!

Maybe it is because he has 3 big brothers to watch and learn from...Bowen is the most curious, mischievous boy I have ever seen! It's not that he is bad...just into everything. Take for instance the picture of him on the toilet seat..He was supposed to be brushing his teeth but instead he is eating an apple! He also loves my camera...I often find a ton of pictures that I didn't take...hence the one of Luke and Jack! He does not miss a beat that Bowen.. I used to worry about him getting lost in the mix with 3 older brothers but he can definitely hold his own. He might be curious but he is the most loving little boy. He is always coming up to us showering us with his sticky kisses and big hugs! I can't believe my baby is going on 2 and a half. Where does time go?! He keeps us in stitches whether it is his singing Pants on the Ground or dancing around the room like a little rock star! He loves music and sports. He always wants to play ball~ baseball, football, tennis, or any other sport that involves a ball. As I type this he is now jumpin' on the couch. Gotta run!


Katie said...

Love me some Bowen!!

ashpuck said...

I love my little Bo-Winkle! He's so dang funny.