Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kinda CrAzY

That's how it has been around these parts lately.. Between getting back in the groove of school schedule and trying to get my house back in order. We just took our tree down last weekend. I know lazy us. I also have switched meds and trying to not smoke so I have not been feeling quite right the past few weeks. But I know once my Wellbutrin gets balanced I will feel much better. I have been VERY irritable and not so pleasant to be around. I feel kinda sorry for my husband and kids. I pray that I will be back to normal~ {whatever that is} soon!
Andrew and Luke are both playing Basketball this season and it has been so fun to watch. Andrew has a really good team and he has a blast playing. He loves it and he gets better every season. Luke has really impressed us on the court especially since it is his first time playing. He has been our baseball player and it is hilarious to watch him on the court. At first he was kinda a spaz but he has gotten really good at dribbling and has good ball control. I really enjoy watching my boys play sports. Ben and I both played several sports growing up and we love that our kids like sports as much as we did!
Jack just turned 5 and we are celebrating tomorrow here at the house. He loves Pre~K and is writing well and learning a lot. He loves his teachers Mrs. Carrie and Mrs. Christy and also his classmates. He says they ALL are his best friends! So sweet that JackEBear!
Bowen is almost 2 and a half and still has a bottle and paci. Can you tell he is my baby?! I think he will give us a run for our money. I often say I should have named him George as in Curious and Dennis as in Menace! He is not bad just into everything..for instance he gets in the cabinets or fridge on a daily basis and rummages for food! We {mostly boys} often forget to lock the cabinets. He cracks us up all the time with his funny antics that Andrew loves to teach him. Like putting his hands up and rolling his eyes up and saying " I don't know!" He is too cute for words and I enjoy him sooooo much. I refuse to cut his hair and I even sometimes put a bobby pin or ponytail in his hair. I just love his getting long blonde hair. I am a very blessed Mama to have 4 healthy happy boys. They often drive me crazy but it comes with the job!

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