Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Too embarrassed to admit that you forgot to change your little one's diaper almost ALL day, or maybe you haven't dusted in three months..well it is time to air out that dirty laundry that you might not otherwise do....just head on over to to join in the Not Me! Fun!

~I did not kinda lock Bowen in his room last night and then when I went in to check on him he did not have a poopie and I did not change him while he slept. Nope, Not Me!
~ I am not thrilled that hunting season is finally over. I am not tired of hearing about deer..Nope, Not Me!
~I do not consider myself the baby whisperer and neither do my girlfriends.. I am not totally obsessed with babies either...Nope, Not Me!

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