Thursday, November 12, 2009

to jump or not to jump.....that is the question

a few good memories from my 29th year

i really can't believe i will be 30 on saturday. i remember when thirty seemed so old to me. well, now it does too! i am not so excited to celebrate my birthday twice...once on my actual birthday hanging with a few girls getting a tattoo, and then the next weekend we are having a par~ly at my house! my husband called me today asking me if i wanted to go SKY DIVING next weekend!?!? i don't know what i am going to do....a BIG part of me really wants to do it and then i start thinking about what could happen...but i know that my life is already planned out according to God's will so it really doesn't make since not to go and have the time of my life jumping out of a plane!!! and i will get a video..luke's first baseball coach Russell has jumped like over 200 times and he said i could jump with him or i could jump with someone else and he would jump with us and video my cool would that be!?!? i would love to hear so input from the other mama's out jump or not to jump? peace~


carmen said...

i would totally be jealous!

Liz said...

Jumping out of a plane terrifies I couldn't say you should or should not....Happy Birthday!..I just turned 35...I'm really old!