Sunday, November 15, 2009

i think i am going to LOVE my 30's

Well, it happened...i turned 30! I think I am going to enjoy my 30's just as much if not more than my 20's!! I have been wanting a new tattoo forever so I thought my Birthday would be a great day to do it. I already have the Japanese character for friend with Rebecca and Samarah so I wanted the character for Mother..since I am a Mama..duh!?
{me deciding where to get it}

Steven was a great guy..very nice. His dad owns the shop Magic Dragon!

{LR, Char, and Leslie}

He was so patient with me...I couldn't decide where I wanted it so he put 4 on so I could choose...

He also touched up my other has been almost 12 years since I got it...crazy!
One Happy Birthday Mama

Amy checking if my nose piercing was grown was.
nothing like a needle in your nose

Steven{rad tattoo artist}, me{birthday girl}, and Amy{piercing Queen}

they were so nice that they gave me a Birthday discount! Dave Ramsey would be proud...

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