Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cloud 9

I was so blessed to be able to meet Jennifer McKinney aka MckMama and her precious family! On Sunday Ashley, Luke, Jack, and I headed down to Grant Park for the Southern MckGathering. It was cold and raining but that did not stop us from having a blast! Here are some of the pics from Sunday at the MckGathering!
Precious Stellan and I.....I couldn't resist his chubby cheeks. I teared up when I first got him...He is a miracle from God and I am in amazement to see a healthy boy in front of me when just a few weeks ago he almost died. I got to feed him, play with him, and love on him..I was in heaven!

Ash, Small Fry, and Me
Talk about cute!! What a beautiful child...and sweet too! I enjoyed seeing the kids play with mine and see their little personalities! Me, Prince Charming, and SF . He was sooo nice! I enjoyed getting to know him too!

Luke, MckNugget, and Jack. It is so cute how kids can hit it off right away with kids they don't know! Too cute..

Luke and Jack with the balloons we brought

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