Sunday, September 27, 2009


I feel very blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life. My very closest friends ~better known as my Girrrrls love me for who I am even though I can be a lot to handle sometimes! Of course I have my big sis Ashley whom I am very close with too. She is always there for me and she is awesome! I love my newer friends too. I have a great MOPS group who I have so much fun getting to know, the old friends I have found through FB has been so cool. I just love all my friends to pieces. More recently I have put myself out there a little more in the blog world and it is amazing the support I get from women I have never met IRL. Some people tease me and call me CrAzY blog lady but I have LOVED getting to know people through blogs.. Yes, I tend to talk about people like I know them since in a sense I do! I do have Ashley {my big sis} to talk about MckMama, Hilary, Jonah, and a few other blogs I follow closely. I enjoying getting to know people through their blogs. It is so cool to see peoples perspectives on things and to be able to relate to and get to know people you would have never got to meet if it weren't for the blog world. It has brought more joy to me than I ever imagined. I love having a blog and reading other blogs..{just ask my husband!} I just wanted to share with my all my buddies how much ya'll mean to me! Love and blessings Ya'll~ erin

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