Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Andrew~ramen noodle chef with his 3 diners

Embarrassed about going to the store with no bra and seeing your son's baseball coach? Or maybe you let your 2 yr. old watch endless amounts of t.v. last week so you could get some things done? Well you are in the right place! Let it all hang out~ it's Not Me! Monday..head on over to to join in the fess up fun!

I did not give my kids ramen noodles 3 nights last week when my Handsome Sweets worked late so I could have my 12 yr. old make dinner for his brothers since Mama was worn out...Nope, Not Me!

We {kids and I} did not forget to put Forks and Maxine {our snakes} back in their cages after feeding them only to find Maxine missing from the feeding tank! It did not take us 3 days to find her..Nope, Not Us!

I am not so co dependant on people that I was scared to sew a sling all by MYSELF...Nope, Not Me!

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