Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Luke Benjamin

Jack Robinson

Andrew Ray

Bowen William

It is that time again to admit that you can't remember the last time you brushed your 2 yr. olds teeth or have quite the ring in the toilet..or maybe even your kids have had cereal the past 3 nights for dinner!?? Head over to MckMama and check out all the other Not Me! will feel better...

I am not totally sick of cleaning up after pukng kids...I have not resorted to hosing off the puke with the hose outside...Nope, Not Me!

I do not dread the up coming weeks and months when Ben will be in the woods as much as possible hunting deer...Nope, Not Me!

Bowen has not been pitching the biggest fits possible making me remember how crazy 2 yr. old behavior can be~Nope, Not Him!

I do not bribe my boys with cash to fold and put away laundry when it starts to take over the house ...nope, not me! I am not lazy like that!

1 comment:

4under3 said...

I'm so sorry about all the puke. Soon it will pass, I'm sure.

And, love the things that make you laugh.