Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Bowen goin' diaperless
Jack playin' the Wii

Rebecca, Twins, and little baby in the belly!
's back..Not Me! Monday..So head on over to to join in the fessing up fun...have you forgotten to brush your child's teeth all weekend? Or maybe you haven't done laundry in a week? Well, you have come to the right place!!

So, I do not still have my 2 yr. old on a bottle and pasi...I am not in denial that Bowen is growing up...Nope, Not Me!

It is not me who let her boys play the Wii all weekend....who would do such a thing...Nope, Not Me!!

It is not me who is MORE than thrilled that one of my Girrrls Rebecca is having another baby..she does not already have a 3 yr. old and 1 yr. old twin boys... that will not be 4 under 3 for her.....Nope, Not Us!

I would never forget to change Bowen's diaper that it leaked all over his shorts in the car, and I also did not forget a change of clothes to where he had to go shortless at a birthday party..Nope, Not Me!!

my 2 yr. old baby

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