Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping with Boys

.......isn't my favorite thing to do! Friday night I had the bright idea of taking my 4 boys shopping for shoes, and new comforters, and a dishwasher. So, after they all got home from school we headed to Discover Mills. Before we even parked the boys were telling me they were hungry.....of course! I told them if they behaved {ha, that's funny} we would eat when we were done shopping. We started with the the Sears Scratch and Dent. They also have treadmills and lawnmowers for the boys to play on....or not so much. Thankfully no one got hurt while running on the treadmill while I was looking at dishwashers. No luck but I did find a quilt from Land's End in the Sears Outlet that I loved. Did you know Sears sells Land's End stuff? Me either.

So, after that we headed to Ross~ one of my favorite stores.....We found Bowen a pair of Teva sandals for $8.00! SCORE~ they were originally $28! I wasn't there for sandals but who can pass up such a great deal, and there was only one pair so I had to get them. After we had no luck with finding comforters for Andrew and Luke we headed to the Adidas Outlet on a shoe hunt for Mama. Usually I get them at the outlet since they have a large selection and large shoes~ I wear and 11 people. I don't enjoy shoe shopping since they don't always have my size. No luck for me in that store. And it didn't help that Luke was whining for shoes the whole time we were in there. So we moved on to the boys instead. I love the Stride Rite outlet. It rocks. I scored a pair for Luke and Bowen there. $20 bucks each...not bad. I had almost given up on finding shoes for me and then we walked past Off Broadway....mega shoe store and they were having a big sale! So, thankfully the first pair I found that I liked had my boat size of a shoe. The were $65 on sale for $50 so that was a pretty good deal. I try not to buy anything unless it is on Sale or even better Clearance! The boys played with their Burger King Neo Pets toy while I tried on shoes. Yes, I did feed them. In between getting their shoes and my shoes. I have never waited of fast food longer than I did Friday night. I ordered 3 hamburger kid meals and a chicken sandwich meal for Andrew. I was waiting for 18 min. to get the food. The boys had already polished off their drinks by the time they finally got their food! I had a gyro from Great Wraps! like I always do at the mall. So, over all the shopping experience with 4 boys by myself wasn't too bad after all! I only got asked a few time if I was trying for a girl! NO People....I was NOT trying for a girl, I was just trying to have fun~ ha! Hope ya'll had a fun weekend too.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Ben, Bowen, Jack, and I went to Brandsmart last night and scored a new dishwasher and rice cooker! We have needed a new dishwasher for 3 years. It didn't even hardly clean dishes anymore! You know your a housewife when a new dishwasher and rice cooker makes your day~ heck it makes my year!


katie said...

Love it!! AND the new look ; ) So cute!

carmen said...

super exciting to get a new dishwasher and new shoes!!! at least you don't wear at 12 like i do now, thanks to two pregnancies. ugh. miss you. where is pierce going?????