Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Well folks, it is know what that means don't you!? Time to air out that laundry and admit to some things that you would rather maybe keep to yourself....head on over to and join in the Not Me! fun....

We were not totally shocked when we actually got 4 inches of snow on Friday! We would never doubt our weather people...nope, not us!
I do not think that bowen is the funniest 2 1/2 yr. old I have ever met....he did not get himself ready to go out and play in the snow...nope, not him!
I do not think Andrew is part Eskimo or polar bear....He did not stay out playing, eating, throwing snow for almost 3 days straight!! nope, not me!

Luke does not LOVE his new skinny jeans that we got for $1.00 at Wal~Mart and he does not want to wear them everyday! nope, not him!

I am not sad about Pierce leaving and going to Pre~school. Bowen and Pierce have not become best buddies over the last year and a half...nope, not us!


Jenny said...

your boys are too cute! my two year old is a huge binky fan as well and I do not see it going anywhere soon! love that he got himself dressed to go out. target diapers!

Katie said...

I do NOT think your boys are too cute!!!