Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baseball, Baseball, and More Baseball

So having two boys play baseball means you are at the ball field twice as much!! We pretty much live there..

We spend so much time there that I even let my boys play dress up with the girls~ ha!
Luke holding his trophy proudly... His team was in 1st place this season. Ben was the coach and I am very proud of them both!

Who's # 1? Pirates!

Jack's All~Star team. It was Jack's first time making All~Stars. I am super proud of my EBear!
Honestly, I was pretty surprised when he was asked to play All~Stars!

Luke's 2110 All~Star team. Ben and Luke are on the top right..jeez Luke don't look so excited!!

I especially love seeing them in their uniforms..HANDSOME! There is nothing as cute as a boy in uniform.
Luke with his long hair...we cut it today..well I didn't! LR {little Rebecca} cut it!

Luke getting ready to play 1st base and Coach Ben getting ready to coach!

Jack relaxing with the girls in between his 2 games...blackmail!
Hope everyone is having a great beginning to their summers.. I can't wait to spend more time at the pool when all this ball is over!


Colin, Haley, and Isabel Grace said...

Erin - Your boys are gorgeous! I love the long hair!

Liz said...

so cool....that's awesome they made the all star team!!! we have 3 playing ball right now...I feel your pain!