Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

My boys put on their costumes at 8:30 this morning! Vampire Jack, Snake Eyes Luke, and Ninja Bowen
This year has been really fun since the boys are getting older and can participate in the festivities! They couldn't wait to carve the pumpkin this year. Andrew wanted to buy some decorations for our house so that was cool for the boys too. Kayla and Hannah helped us too.

I was proud of my carving skills..Usually Ben does most of the carving! We were going to do it on Thursday but we got home way to late from the ball field and Ben left to go hunting so Mama and the boys took care of the pumpkin. Cool Cat that the boys picked out.

Bowen did this all by his self! He was in the playroom and came up with a Spidey glove and a Knight mask! He cracks me up...

Luke, Jack, Kayla, Bowen, and Hannah

Master goop~getter outer..Andrew

Sisters~ Kayla and Hannah
Go Andrew!

Jack separating seeds for roasting{that no one ended up liking!}

Luke playing with the insides!

Bowen adores Kayla and Hannah...and I am pretty sure they feel the same way about him!

Pam tells me that when they babysit for me the girls fight over who will take care of sweet! They are gonna be GREAT Mamas one day!

I love the look on Jack's face

Kids watching me cut er' open

They were all so good about letting me get it all ready to clean out...very patient..write it down!!


Liz said...

great halloween pics!

SamBam said...

just precious Erin. glad you guys had so much fun! love your new blog look.

carmen said...

fun times! very impressive pumpkin. i bought a carving kit monday so i can do some more creative things next year. i used a regular knife and it was hard! hope to see you guys real soon