Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Fun

So we have been busy, busy, busy lately...a lot of swimming, hanging out, and as always Birthday parties! We really enjoy our summer to the fullest. We swim, go to the free movies, play at park with friends, meet up at McDonald's to play and eat, went on a family vacation, shop at Target and Wal~Mart, play with kids in neighborhood, and spend time with the family. We are so blessed to be able to do all these fun things.. Daddy works hard so we can have more play time.....we are sad that it is coming to an end. But also excited about the new school year.
Andrew is headed off to middle school this year, Luke will be in the second grade, and Jack will be in Pre~K...or pee~tay as he says! Bowen and I will have the days to ourselves....along with Pierce twice a week! We have had a great summer!

Bella and Bowen
awesome spider at Ellen's house
boys outside the movies
What Bowen and Jack did while the big boys finished the movie

Jack and his new face for the camera....
Luke on the diving board
Andrew swimming

Jack Diving
Luke and his hair
future dates
Luke swinging at SpongeBob
Goooo Jack
Get it Bowen
handsome boy~Jack
sack race
Goooo Luke
Ready, Set, Race!

Birthday boy Devon

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