Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday


I do not let my older children play in the baby pool with their younger siblings so Mama can have a little break...Nope, Not Me!

My boys were not meant to live in the woods and bathe in a river for a bath...they are way to civilized for that! Nope, Not Them!

It was not me who took a baby to the water park and tubing in Helen without a nap all day long....who would do such a selfish thing...Nope, Not Me!

My heathen son Jack did not get kicked out of the pool for running and being told multiple times to stop running. He did not run right after a 10 min. time out with the lifeguard...Nope, Not Jack!

Bowen does not love Anna and I am not arranging a marriage for when they are 25! They are not sooooo cute together and play so well...Nope, Not these two love birds!


beautyinallthings said...

Great NMM!

Nic said...

Hello to a fellow momma of four!! I love the picture so cute!