Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WW~ Dance Party Edition

Anytime we get together with my family the boys usually have thier shirts off~
And usually there is some wrestling and dancing~

It cracks me up watching them~ I just love all my boys sooooo much~ nephews included!

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Liz at 4 GUYS and A DOLL said...

Cute cute pictures....boys dancing is one of the cutest things!I'm sure yours usually ends in some kind of wresting match on the ground as well!

My boys and their cousins went through a kick where they had their shirts off all the fact we were looking back through old photo albums the other day and finally my husband asked, "why are there shirts off in every picture" LOL...he didn't remember.
Thanks for your sweet words on my blog the other day...yes I too believe we could be IRL friends!