Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You Never Get Used To It...

Blood. Even though I see it quite a bit I never get used to it. Saturday morning Bowen was in the tub while I was in the shower and a ceramic candle fell in the tub and he cut his finger. Well, Sunday morning after I cleaned out the bath tub {or so I thought} all three little boys got in the tub. I hadn't even got in the shower yet and Bowen lets out a horrible scream. I look over and there is blood in the tub and he has a huge gash on his foot. I immediately get him out and wrap his wet body and bloody foot. Since I was home alone and his foot was bleeding so bad, I called 911. The EMT's came in and wrapped his foot and offered to take him by ambulance but I decided that would freak him out. So, I got everyone dressed and headed the to ER at Gwinnett Medical. My Mom met me there like she always does to help me and be there for moral support. They gave him medicine so he would be relaxed....and boy was he!! We were cracking up at him. He was laughing uncontrollably and he couldn't even sit up! He got 4 stitches on his foot and will have them removed in a week...You never get used to it!

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