Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun and a Christmas Tree

On Saturday afternoon we were visiting with Granny and PaPaw and they wanted to get us a Christmas tree. We went to Lowe's and the boys picked out a tree and I also got a wreath!

Nana and Pop

Ben teaching Dana and Luke how to juggle

Alison, Adison, Adam, and Nicolas

Jon and James jammin'

Bowen and Pop~BFF

Dana, Luke, and Jack eating~YUM!

handsome boy~ Nicolas

Dana playin' the for the kids...they loved it!

I am just now posting Thanksgiving pictures. We went to Jon and Tori's house to eat with Ben's family. His Mom, Step Dad, and little sister came in town, and Nana and Pop came too! We are so thankful that they were able to join us this year. We have spent several Thanksgivings up in North Carolina with them and it was nice for them to come down and spend it with all the boys,their wives and grand kids! We are sooo blessed to have each other!

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