Monday, June 8, 2009

Bahama Mama

Next group to board the ship

Me wearing two pair of glasses!

my new buddy Chris and I

Pool deck

Farewell show

me and Ash on our last night

Rishi and Jesus~our waiters

All the girls and waiters
Bahama Mama


me and Ash


guy selling shells


Straw Market

our boat on the far left


pretty palm trees

hut in Bahamas

me and Ash on our snorkeling excursion

God's beautiful creation

snorkeling boat

formal night



Coco Cay

Ash chillin' on the island

me on Coco Cay

beach toes


some of the girls at the sail away party

I just got back from the Bahamas.....and it was fabulous! We boarded the Monarch of the Seas cruise ship Monday morning and got back Friday. We went to Coco Cay and Nassau. What a beautiful place. I could so live there! It was hard leaving Ben and the kids but I did not miss them as much as I thought I would. Every Mama out there needs a break and mine was a long time coming! I had a great time with my sister and her friends...who are now my friends too! I was the baby of the group and I loved it!~ The island had the most beautiful water I have ever seen... breath taking how God created such beauty for us to enjoy! I can't wait to go on another time it will be couples! Ben would love it! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.....I love my husband and boys even more {if that's possible}! Everyone should go on a cruise atleast once! I plan on going on several more....hopefully!

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Hilary said...

Great to see pictures of your cruise!! Looks like you had an awesome time! I sure hope someday I am able to go on a cruise...that would rock!
I bet your boys are happy to have you home, though :)