Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball-game

Luke hitting the ball
JackBear smilin'

Luke playing 1st base and Jack in Right field
Luke cheesin'

Luke and Jack are on the same t-ball team this year...it will be the only time for a few more years. We played Jack up since he is such a great little ball player! Luke has played the last two games even though he is still in his cast. You would think that it would be hard for him, but his cast has not slowed him down at all. They are the Cleveland Indians, and boy they look sharp in their uniforms! Jack did so awesome last night he got the game ball. He hit off the pitch, which for a 4yr. old is pretty impressive! Not that I am bragging or anything...he is just amazing to watch. I think he has more of a passion for ball than Luke. Every morning the first thing he asks is, "Do I have a baseball game today?", or "Can Daddy play baseball with me in the yard?". He LOVES baseball. Since he was 6 months old he has always wanted a ball in his hand..Bowen seems to take after his big brother Jack. He is obsessed as well. I am sooo proud of all my boys! Andrew is our basketball star, and tennis player, Luke, and Jack are our baseball players, and Bowen will play ball one day like his 3 big brothers.

Luke rippin' the ball

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