Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baseball, Sweetwater Festival, and a birthday party

Dave, Sam, and Me
Heather, Owen, and Easton

Chuck, Nate, and me in line for a Sweetwater Blue

ChuckieD, Rebecca, and Me

Me and Yuppie

Me and Caroline

Wakie sleepin

Natie being cool

Bowen, Trae, and Owen at the park

Bowen ready to get hit with a ball!

Luke ready to hit the ball

Jack ready to hit the ball

I haven't been posting as much as I would like lately....I've been on Facebook.. I know it is kinda silly. So we have been busy and I haven't been sharing as much as I would like. We have been at Luke and Jack's t-ball games, visiting with friends in the nice weather, and enjoying festivities around Atlanta! This weekend Ben went turkey hunting and I went with Rebecca and Chuck to the Sweetwater Festival! We met up with Samarah, Yuppie, Heather and Ben, Heather and Jim, Caroline and Brian, and some of the kids! I didn't have my kids though....I left them with Beth. We had a blast! I probably had a little too much fun if that is possible! We also ran into Corbin, Michelle, Emily, Teddy and Dave! Then today the kids and I went to church and then I took Luke to his friends' Braden and Christopher birthday party at Sparkles! Luke is soooo funny on skates. He even tried roller blades for the first time and did great! He wants to have his birthday party there again this year!!


Tanya said...

You guys know how to have fun, your boys are really beautiful!

Heather said...

Awesome pictures! We had so much fun. Hope to see you soon!