Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yellow River Game Ranch

Over Spring Break I took the boys
to the Yellow River Game Ranch for
some animal feeding and petting fun!

We started walking in and Luke noticed a peacock walking by! So pretty.

The deer come right up and eat food out of your hands. The boys loved that!

Andrew feeding the one~eyed bunny!

Jack petting a furry friend

Bowen only wanted to chase the rabbits which is not allowed! I did get him to stop chasing and pose with the pretty rabbit!

Luke wanted to stay in Bunny Hollow the whole time. He really loves animals!

{My handsome boys}

So cute that little guy was. Love the looks on their faces!

Really.....I love these kids!

The hog took up the whole house!

The buffalo were enjoying their snacks

The goats were attacking you for food. They were all acting like they haven't been fed in weeks!

I am always feeding someone....

Jack and Luke posing with the sheep


Bears. Oh My!

I rode this same horse and buggy ride when I was little! I grew up going to the Game Ranch. I love taking the boys there.

Andrew, Luke, Jack, and Bowen

Bowen showing me his stick


Katie said...

I love that place! Looks like yall had fun : )

tagskie said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!