Friday, April 9, 2010

Dog Days

So that precious Yellow Lab in my previous post is our new dog Sandie! We got her on Wednesday. Ben has been looking for a dog for probably a year now....after much debate we decided to get Andrew allergy treatments {he is allergic cats and dogs, more so cats} so we could welcome a furry, four legged friend into our family.

The boys especially Luke have been asking for a dog for a long time. Anytime we see a dog Luke always has to love on it! As most of ya'll know we have other animals too...

Can't forget our slithery friends Forks and Maxine. As well as two hamsters Maddie and Sophie!

We are now a family of 7....I finally got a girl~ LOL! Sandie Kay Woodall. I always wanted to give a daughter my middle name that I share with my I thought since we are not having anymore children I would give Sandie my middle name!

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