Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snips and Snails and Puppydog Tails.....

Luke's hair before Daddy got a hold of him
I took Luke and Jack to get haircuts today after church.....Luke just had a good trim and Jack had the usual!! I went to Target to buy Ben some clippers so he can shave his head...His old one were worn out. Well, after Ben did his hair, Luke wanted Ben to cut his like Jacks....So we shaved Luke's head and now he and Jack have the same haircut....actually Luke's is shorter!

Handsome Jack

Handsome Luke...with short hair!

Saturday the kids and I went to my friend Jamie's house to see their new puppies! Their dog Daisy had 7 puppies 5 weeks ago... I don't usually let my kids be around Pits but they are just babies! Luke and Bowen were especially smitten with the pups...Ofcouse Luke wanted to bring one home....NOT! Sorry, only snakes at my house...they are noiseless. My boys always have a blast playing with Austin, Brody, and Ethan. I didn't take any pictures of the boys playing dodgeball..I should have it was funny!

Bowen lovin on a pup

Luke gettin' some Marley lovin

Bowen getting kisses

Andrew gettin in on the puppy lovin'!

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